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6 GHz bandwidth. Picosecond resolution.

All in the palm of your hand.

Our GigaWave™ digital sampling oscillscopes offer 12-bit vertical resolution, 1 ps time resolution, and 6 GHz analog bandwidth, all in a tiny 4” form factor. That’s a combo you’ll never find anywhere else – starting from $2,295.

Unmatched value.

With a 40 ps risetime, 4 ps trigger jitter, and true sub-picosecond timing precision, the GigaWave™ 6000-series is ideal for ultrafast pulse analysis and high-bandwidth optical applications. Thanks to our unique CDF sampling technology, the GigaWave™ offers 6 GHz bandwidth at an industry-leading cost: 5-10x lower than comparable offerings.

Infinite portability.

One USB-C cable is all you need. Ready whenever you are.

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Effortless interface.

Our free GigaWave™ software is simple and intuitive. You'll be taking measurements in seconds.

Give it a spin
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Built to last.

Our fanless chassis keeps signals in and dust out. Machined from aerospace-grade aluminum. Assembled in the USA.

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“Just a quick note to say our GigaWave arrived yesterday: What a complete delight of a product - both the hardware and software! We do many tests that border on physics experiments; so it was just so pleasurable to set up the GigaWave to sit in for some expensive kit.”
— Shepard Siegel, Atomic Rules LLC

Note that many of the reviewer-suggested features/fixes have now been implemented. The acquisition has also been sped up significantly.
We recommend trying our latest software in demo mode for the most up-to-date experience. See also our thread on the EEVBlog forum.
All reviewers are unaffiliated with SJL Instruments and received no financial compensation.

Need a probe?

Get $300 off any GigaWave™ scope when purchasing an LD-ASP-2.7 active single-ended probe from Lasmux Devices (2.7 GHz, $230).

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Lasmux active probe


See the Datasheet & User Manual for complete specificiations.

Each unit comes with the following standard accessories:

All orders come with a “no-questions-asked” 30-day return period and a two-year warranty. Please contact us directly for custom requirements or a proforma invoice.

International Customers: All international orders include free shipping with all duties and VAT paid by us (DDP Incoterms). The price shown is the final cost to you.

GigaWave™ 6200
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GigaWave™ 6400
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GigaWave™ 6800
Lead Time
Digital Sequential Sampling Oscilloscope
Input Interface
SMA DC-Coupled
±950 mV MAX
Analog Bandwidth
6 GHz
Rise Time
40 ps
20–80%, TYPICAL
Vertical Resolution
12-bit (8.5 ENOB @ 100 MHz)
Temporal Resolution
1 ps (1 TSa/s ET)
Timebase Range
11 ns – 20 μs post-trigger
Timebase Accuracy
15 ppm (relative) ± 20 ps (global shift)
Channel Skew
5 ps
Trigger Source
Channel 1 Edge (Full Bandwidth)
Trigger Level
Full Range (12-bit)
Trigger Jitter
4 ps RMS
Trigger Rate
25 Mtrig/s
Sample Rate*
4 MSa/s
0.25 lb
115 g
0.33 lb
148 g
0.62 lb
280 g

Requires a USB-3.0 compliant port (900 mA). The eight-channel 6800 model requires a 1.5 A capable USB-C port.

*Equivalent sample rate for a traditional sampling oscilloscope. May vary with signal complexity. See Theory of Operation section in the User Manual for details.

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